Hotel Mondragon

Groenendijk Thuis in Verhuren and Hotel Mondragon

It might seem a bit confusing, a hotel called Mondragon and a Residence next to it...

We would like to explain it to you.

Hotel Mondragon has been a household name in Zierikzee and far beyond for more than a century. Located at the Old Harbour, in the historical heart of Zierikzee, Mondragon is a place where everyone feels at home immediately. Mondragon stands for quality, tranquillity and security. The romance of days gone by is clearly perceptible in the 41 rooms and suites of the centuries-old building.

In 2021, next to the hotel, an equally old mansion was renovated into 7 beautiful luxury flats with the same "look and feel" as Hotel Mondragon. So that also during a longer stay in the historic city of Zierikzee you as a guest will not lack anything. Résidence Zierikzee was born!

Groenendijk Thuis in Verhuren is the proud rental agent of these flats and the enthusiastic team has made it their passion to make guests fall in love with "our Zeeland" as much as they are. This starts with communicating with you, our guests!

We are happy to explain which flat suits you best, what there is to do in the area or where you can go for example to rent bikes. We are happy to help you.

During your stay, you can use some facilities of the neighbouring Hotel Mondragon. such as use of the car park (see information parking) or the two restaurant facilities (see information gastronomy).

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