Zeeland, you are magnificent!

Zeeland. Unashamedly beautiful. A Valhalla for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. But also for sun lovers. Or bon vivants. Here you have everything. Let the monumental splendour of Zeeland's towns and cities amaze you. Be amazed by the unique shops. Taste the salty delights on your plate. Enjoy local drinks. Take in the scent of the sea and relax. We would like to welcome you. What are you looking forward to?



Take a city walk through Zeeland's monument city


Zierikzee is a small city with a big history. The city has more than 500 monuments and is therefore consistently in the top 10 of Dutch monumental cities. Here, you can spend hours marvelling at historical squares, imposing façades and hidden alleyways. This, combined with shops and cosy terraces, makes Zierikzee a great destination for a day out or a longer stay. Would you like to go on a walk with us?

The Sint-Lievensmonstertoren in Zierikzee
You start the walk from the free car park on the Scheldestraat. Take a good look at the ground. Do you see the round stepping stones on the footpath? If you follow this 'city jewellery route', you will walk via various monuments to the centre of the city. The first monument you come to is one of the most prominent in Zierikzee: the Sint-Lievensmonstertoren. This 62-metre tall 'Dikke Toren' can be seen from afar as you approach Zierikzee. It was supposed to be the tallest tower in the Netherlands, but during construction, the money ran out and the tower could not be completed. Climb the 279 steps of De Sint-Lievensmonstertoren and enjoy a wonderful view of Zierikzee, the Zeeland bridge and the region.

Location: Kerkplein 2, 4301 EE Zierikzee

Visit the Town Hall Museum
Continue your route to the Meelstraat. In this street, you will see another monumental gem: the old, 16th-century Zierikzee Town Hall. It now houses the Stadhuismuseum. Take a step back when you are in front of this historic building and look up at the special tower with a statue of Neptune, the God of the Sea, in the top. Visit this museum and step into the history of Zierikzee and the surrounding area.

Location: Meelstraat 6, 4301 EC Zierikzee


Schouwen Duiveland has beautiful beaches. A coastline of 650 km! Not only are the beaches beautiful, they are also some of the cleanest in the Netherlands. It is not for nothing that the coast of Schouwen-Duiveland has the beautiful nickname: "the sunny side of Zeeland".


Take a guided city walk through Zierikzee: Citytours Zierikzee or visit the Town Hall Museum or the Watersnoodmuseum. The history of the Delta Works awaits you at Neeltjejans. Plenty of choice, ask for all possibilities at the reception of Hotel Mondragon.


Zeeland is pre-eminently suitable to explore by bicycle. You can bring your own bikes and store them safely at your flat or hire the bike of your choice at the reception or at Fietsverhuur Zeeland, whatever is convenient for you!