In the neighbouring Hotel Mondragon, you will find a restaurant and a bistro where you can enjoy dishes of a high culinary level prepared by our own chef.

Restaurant Cristó
You walk out the door of your flat and into Restaurant Cristó. The glow of the attractive interior lights light up the street. You walk through the green door and are welcomed. Take a seat at one of the beautiful tables and let the evening welcome you like a warm blanket. You are in good hands. 

Maybe you are also interested in the high culinary level that the chef and his team know how to provide every evening. If you know your classics, you will smile at their translation of French dishes into contemporary versions. But don't worry, even if you are less classically trained, you will enjoy the menu and the dishes.

There is even a big chance that the chef himself will come to the table to give some explanation. 

From time to time, we make brief excursions into Basque cuisine on the menu. We owe this to Cristó, who gave us our name and was born and bred in this gastronomic region in Spain. Let us surprise you before we return to 'la douce France'. On the wine list, you will mainly find fine European wines, also at very reasonable prices. And we do not hesitate to recommend a beautiful matching beer - or a gin-tonic? - to recommend. After all, there is plenty to enjoy.

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"Le Bistrôt
Bienvenus, entrez messieurs-dames. That is how guests are greeted when they set foot in Le Bistrôt à l'hotel Mondragon. Alongside big brother Restaurant Cristó, this Parisian bistro is a piece of 'vrai Paris' in Zierikzee.

From classics such as charcuterie and rillettes to steak tartare and canard à l'orange, it's all here. But also a salad with goat's cheese and Iberio ham, a softly peppery onion soup and entrecote fries

For a nice breakfast or a quiet cup of coffee, you can always walk in.

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